State Senator Morgan Carroll
Senate District 29

Putting Your
Interests Above Special Interests!

I am proud to represent Senate District 29 (Aurora and eastern Arapahoe County) at the Capitol. The people of Arapahoe County do not want political partisanship or special interests controlling government. Rather they have asked for real, bi-partisan or non-partisan solutions to the issues facing all of us. I am committed to doing just that.

It is my goal to represent everyone in our District, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or defy traditional labels. Please know you are all welcome to contact me any time.  I would love to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you and am honored to be your voice at the Capitol.

Morgan Carroll Signature

OCC gets new life, but loses voice in telecom cases

“We’re about to do a wrong thing here tonight that will actually hurt people and cost them money,” Senate Minority Leader Morgan Carroll said.

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The debate over continuing the Office of Consumer Counsel won't be decided until the final day of the state's annual legislative session.

"The office helps regular people lobby before government," said Carroll. "This enables regular citizens to push back."

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Uncertainty swirls around red-light camera legislation

Carroll said that motorists accused of committing a traffic violation are required to prove their innocence, an undue burden-shifting in a society where one is presumed innocent.

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Anti-abortion Mobile Clinic Crashes into Reproductive Rights Debate

In this bill they will force medical procedures on you without your consent thinking they have a right to force you to sit down, get biased indoctrination and then make you wait before you exercise your constitutional rights,” she said.

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Major abortion bill provides partisan bookend to Colorado session

"It's an unfortunate way to define a whole session," said Senate Democratic leader Morgan Carroll of Aurora.

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